My favorite route from Downtown Long Beach to Downtown Los Angeles is the LA Metro Blue Line. Pay $ 1.25 for a one-way trip, $ 5 per day and add a 45 minute investment point to this point. In fact, this gives an investment return. 25 minutes in the evening as traveling by train takes about half the time while driving on Highway 710 or 110.

Most blue bikers are blue collar employees with a few professionals like me installing the platform in the Long Beach area. The Blue Line takes you through the most famous (or notorious) parts of Los Angeles, including Artesia, Compton, Watts and Solar. Central los angeles

During the 5 years of riding the Blue Line, I have never seen any misconduct unlike the Deputy Chief of the Hotline who claims to be a ticket inspector, ready to fight to make sure there are no passengers. Dare to climb the train deck without paying fees

Overall, the LA Metro Blue Line is a convenient and inexpensive transportation system that serves the needs of Long Beach workers, South Los Angeles workers, and passengers.

Every day, the Los Angeles subway service has around 300,000 passengers, with little drama compared to public transport for other big cities. If you add Metro Bus Services, this number will reserve almost 1.6 passengers. Millions of people per day make it the third largest public transportation system in the United States

Once a year you suffer from a bus or train accident, causing serious injury or death. Therefore, if you believe in an average, approximately 584 million travelers will be at risk of death or serious injury by using public transport in the Los Angeles area.

Compare this to the highway and highway systems, as the California Highway Patrol website says 60 fatal traffic accidents (injuries) every day in the Los Angeles County area in favor of the Los Angeles Police Enforcement Law. Strictly walking on the road limits the number of pedestrian accidents in crowded intersections.

A recent tragic event in the Washington, DC metro emphasizes the size and severity of train collisions. Nine people died and many others were seriously wounded due to direct clashes. The cause could be a human error. Adrian Fenty, the mayor of Washington, explained the clash on Monday evening that “The coldest in the history of the 33-year underground system” (French news agency)

Despite the global events and violence, the subway and bus transportation are good. The subway transport a lot of people at a reasonable price with a very good frequency. The subway is environmentally sound, uses electricity and compressed natural gas (CNG) as fuel. The subway is good for residents of Los Angeles, the city and the precious So Cal environment.

Don’t let us use the tragic events of Washington DC to influence or affect our confidence in Los Angeles. Instead, let us focus our efforts on promoting the development of construction and the use of public transport instead. We will develop trains, buses, buses that are safer, more efficient and more attractive, even in cities that have a love affair with cars.

Las Vegas, the city of colors and work in the heart of the desert Las Vegas has been an excellent choice for musicians, artists and gamblers for many years and is also a popular wedding venue.

Everyone knows the famous words. “What happens in Vegas is in Vegas,” but having a memorable and enjoyable experience in Las Vegas does not mean that you should be offended by your actions or going to parties very far away. In fact, Vegas is full of attractions, attractions, great experiences, excellent restaurants and entertainment, and luxury hotels.

Before planning a vacation, you should always read about Vegas and what it has to offer. Plan your hotel to suit your needs. The hotel has a selection of star ratings from comfortable 3-star properties to luxury five-star hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

Regardless of your room, do you want your hotel to have a casino? Should you have a restaurant or not? What about nightlife? Do you need concierge service? When you find a hotel with all checkboxes pre-checked, most hotels offer discounts on pre-booked rooms, which give you more cash to enjoy the sights and attractions that this city has to offer.

When coming to Las Vegas, it is useful to find a concierge service, where they can help with the best restaurants, tours, sightseeing experiences, attractions, shows, and much more, which is a clear way to ensure that you will not miss anything during your stay.

Traveling in Vegas is very easy. There are public transportation systems and mono trains are still popular. You can see most of the cities on foot. If you want a more comfortable trip, use the Las Vegas concierge service to rent a car or limousine for a night out in the city.

It is important to remember that this city is a tourist city, so it is very busy. Make sure to make a reservation at the restaurant you want to eat to avoid disappointment. You may want to speak to the concierge and know where to recommend it if you choose not to eat at your hotel.

There is an impressive array of restaurants in the city, from the comfortable and comfortable pizzeria to the most famous Michelin restaurant. Book a table to make sure you get a response and enjoy good food before going out for a night out in the city.

At night, Las Vegas comes back to life. Many hotels offer night entertainment, and as soon as you get off the famous Las Vegas Strip, your eyes will be drawn in all directions as production and offers continue.

If you want to attend a theatrical performance in the city, it is recommended that you search for what is currently being implemented through your portal.

One of the most important things that distinguishes your experience is the exploration of tourist places, while Las Vegas may be present in the desert, but it lacks the sights and attractions that await exploration.

Walk to the top of the hundred-story stratosphere tower and enjoy the most beautiful city views. Take a helicopter tour through the famous Grand Canyon and enjoy the most spectacular views or spend a day visiting the Hoover Dam.

The Mob Museum is another place where you can learn all about Al Capone, the famous mob leader. Don’t forget to head to Madame Tussauds and see your favorite wax star.

The best way to ensure that your Las Vegas experience is memorable and enjoyable is to take full advantage of the concierge service and assist it wherever you go. Travel and places to eat

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